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Packing a foam cutter machine for shipping

Our customer and partner, needed a crate for shipping one of their foam cutting CNC to their customers. We at speedy crate prepared a crate kit for their required dimensions. They've selected the economy model which is our most cost effective crate. It is based on our special technology of plastic extruders, a 3/4" plywood base and 1/2" OSB sides and top.

Once the kit arrived to their facility, FoamLinx assembled the crate in 5 minutes, and pack their machine inside. They used some foam blocks to secure the machine so it will not move during transport. They also used some 2X4 lumber mounted to the sides of the crate to hold things in place.

This is how it looks like right before closing the top for shipping.

We managed to save our customer FoamLinx at least 4 hours in building their own custom crate.

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