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Building large custom crate for our customer

This time we were called by another customer to help them build a large custom crate they needed. Their requirement was a 7' X 4' X 7' crate size for shipping an over-sized sign they fabricated for one of their customers. WeCutFoam ordered the economy crate model, made out of Speedy Crate's special plastic extrusions, 3/4" plywood base, and 1/2" OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sides and top. We prepared the required custom crate, and shipped it as a disassembled full kit to WeCutFoam facility.

Our customer, WeCutFoam, has shared the fact with us, that it took them merely 10 minutes to assemble the crate from the time it arrived to their shop. They packed their sign inside, padded it with foam sheets on the sides and sealed the crate for shipping using only few screws (supplied as part of the kit) and a screw driver.

Here are some photos of the crate with the sign mounted inside.

We managed to save our customer WeCutFoam at least 6 hours in building their own custom crate.

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