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We, at Speedy Crate are committed to providing you with an easy and cost effective solution for building a shipping crate for all your LTL shipping needs.

We provide various "Of The Shelf" crate solutions along with custom crate design, fabrication, building, and assembly.

Our crates are built using recyclable PVC extrusions and allow for rapid assembly within minutes by one person only.

Speedy Crate "Of The Shelf" crates comes in 5 different standard sizes and includes all the parts needed for the assembly. No technical experience is required to put the crates together.

Customers can enter the customized crate dimensions on our shopping cart for a fast and easy user experience - pricing are auto calculated on the website

Premium custom crates include wheels, cushions, custom foam inserts, dividers, hinges, locks, customized logo, and customized colors. Use the Contact page to describe your customized crate requirements.

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