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About us

Speedy Crate takes pride in providing consumers, companies and manufacturers with reliable high-quality and cost effective "Off the Shelf" packaging and shipping crates solution. 

The company based in Silicon Valley, CA, provides comprehensive solution to the market needs for specialty freight handling, including custom, light-weight and easy to build crates. We provide crates of superior quality and craftsmanship to any industry and sector including OEM’s nationwide.


SpeedyCrate use light materials - OSB, Plywood and recyclable PVC Extrusions. The crates are shipped as full kits, some require tooling, others are tools-free and can be folded for easy storage. Assembly is "speedy" - between 3-5 minutes and is a one person operation.


Tal Barnea and Zohar Golan, Co-founders have combined manufacturing and machining knowledge & experience of over 40 years. Being company owners, shipping vast amount of crates throughout the years, they were searching for an easier solution. Given their expertise, they came up with an easy yet cost effective solution for building crates while shipping LTL freight. 


Custom crates do exist in the market, yet their assembly time is long, complicated at times and the costs are high.

Speedy Crate, 1248 Birchwood drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089     Tel 408-461-5151     Email:

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